Product / Service # DataCenter

The data centre has transformed so much in the last twenty years that old perceptions and methodologies are no longer relevant.

Product / Service # Cloud Computing

Top benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional way businesses think about IT resources. Here are seven common reasons organisations are turning to cloud computing services:

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Product / Service #Onsite support/Remote support

Toleen Alsham’s team of experts to keep your system up and running. Whether it’s onsite support, staffing, telephone support or content creation. GAVI’s service team can diagnose, repair and maintain your entire AV system.

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Connecting the world

The Internet is one of the most transformational technological innovations in human history, similar to the invention of movable type, the electric motor, radio, or television. Yet at the beginning of 2016, only an estimated 3.2 billion people — 44 percent of the world’s population — are online and connected to the digital economy. The Internet’s truly revolutionary potential will be unleashed only when the remaining 56 percent are also connected. This will create millions of new jobs, develop vast new markets, and lift millions out of poverty. However, achieving universal access in a timely manner is looking increasingly difficult as Internet growth has slowed down in the past four years. This paper seeks to understand the challenges and identify mechanisms that can accelerate Internet growth and drive universal inclusion.

Toleen Al Sham though the  long experiance in IT with the product and service family has a vesion of helping the world to communicate easly though building last technology infrastructe using up to date technology and products.

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